Winter Disease, Summer Cure Treating Pediatric Lung Conditions & Immunity

There is a wise Chinese saying that goes: “Winter Disease, Summer Cure”. In Traditional Chinese Medicine this phrase applies especially to the effective treatment of conditions that effect the Lungs such as asthma, breathlessness & wheezing, chronic cough, easily catching colds, and poor immunity in general. If these conditions worsen in the Fall & Winter, they should be treated in the Spring & Summer!

The oldest known Traditional Chinese Medicine text, The Yellow Emperors’ Classic of Medicine (300AD), outlines the four types of Asthma and how each are treated. For children & infants challenged with respiratory conditions, the following modalities have been shown to be effective: Traditional Chinese Pediatric Massage, Acupressure, Traditional Chinese Food Cures, and Traditional Chinese Dietary Therapy.

Treating Pediatric Lung Conditions & Immunity

Please join me April 15 & 22 in a pair of free workshops that teach parents helpful tools in treating their children challenged with these conditions. Please register by email at

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