What do the 5 Different Cries of a Baby Mean?

It is true that babies cry healthy or not healthy, in balance or out of balance. In Traditional Chinese Medicine important health information can be obtained from a baby’s cry. A baby cannot talk to explain why it is crying or what is out of balance so paying close attention to the baby’s cry is vitally important when trying to bring an infant’s health into a state of harmony and balance.

What is even more interesting is that the baby’s style or type of crying can tell us about the way they will see the world throughout their life. It also reveals aspects of personality, health strengths and weaknesses and types of thinking patterns that will be unchanged throughout their lives.

Here are the 5 types of cries which correspond to 5 Elements:

Water – Groaning or Grunting/ Water Child- Stoic, Introverted, Wise, Deep, Kidneys
Wood – Screaming or Angry/ Wood Child- Adventurist, Energetic, Intense, Liver
Heart – Laughing Cry/ Fire Child- Entertainer, Impulsive, Charismatic, Heart
Earth – Rhythmic or Humming Cry/ Earth Child- Caregiver, Attached, Affectionate, Spleen
Metal – Sad Cry/ Metal Child- Perfectionist, Routine, Hyper-focused, Lungs

Sometimes it can be hard to tell which cry your baby has because the mother almost instinctually finds it alerting. Check with others, as they are a better judge of what type of cry your baby has.

There are many ways Traditional Chinese Medicine can be used to treat newborn babies. If your little baby or child has coverage, why not book an appointment today to find out how Traditional Chinese Medicine can improve their heath?

Written by: Matthew Norick, Registered Acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Matthew teaches free Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage to newborn babies through the Early Years Family Center in Regina every month.

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