The Love Hormone, and why Yogi encourages you to stop by the office and stare into his eyes if you need a moment of paws

Animal behaviorist Takeumi Kikusui of Azabu University, in Japan, published his findings in the journal Science, suggesting that each time humans stare into their fur friends eyes, both brains are triggered to fire the love hormone oxytocin. In one experiment, the researchers looked at oxytocin levels in the urine of 30 human-dog pairs before and after spending a half-hour together. They found oxytocin levels increased among both dog and human when the gaze was held for at least five minutes or longer.

I would encourage any of you seeking love, to come in and give me some tender pats, and stare into my giant orbs, for a good 5 minutes and a mutual therapy will be felt by us both.