Summertime is the Most Optimal Time for Healing!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine every season has certain correspondences or identifiers. If we use the timing of seasonal change to improve our health, we should consider identification with these natural movements in energy. We can use these identifiers to optimize healing at certain times of the year. Here are some of the correspondences for Summer:

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Strengthened Organ- Heart

Emotion- Joy

Energy Level- Peak Energy

Instinct Activated- Sprit/ Spiritual

Thought Pattern Predominating- Enlightenment

Phase of Development- Growth

Saskatchewan people are most healthy in the summertime. The weather is not as dry and the longer, warmer days lead to much more activity. Most people experience an increase in energy. Stress is low as holiday season is in full swing. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Summer is the time to work on emotions- it is the season of the Heart!

With Stress at lower levels and energy at higher levels, now is the time to tackle lingering health issues be it emotional or physical. When we face these issues in a time of lower stress and improved energy, quick progress can often be made on long standing and entrenched health challenges.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the Summer is about treating and loving yourself, a period of growth, and a chance to strive towards greater enlightenment.

Consider using Traditional Chinese Medicine to improve your overall health this Summer!

By Matthew Norick, Registered Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner