Sprained Ankles

This past week I injured myself playing Ultimate Frisbee. Got a little overzealous and my bravado ended with a sprained ankle. Even though I have witnessed the amazing curative properties of homeopathics with myself, my children and with patients, homeopathics still amaze me.

sprained ankles

My ankle swelled up to the size of a lemon and was exquistily tender to walk on. After the first day, the bruising was deep hues of blue to violet.

After 2 days my severe limp and swelling around my ankle have practically gone. I used the following acute prescription of these four remedies, 2 pellets of each for 6 doses throughout each day:

Arnica Montana 200K – This is the quintessential remedy for any soft tissue damage. It is a general anti-inflammatory par excellence.

Ledum Palestre 200K – This remedy is great if there is any blue/black bruising which I had a lot of.

Rhus Toxidendron 200K – This remedy really helps with the inflammation in the joint and stiffness from the swelling.

Ruta Gravelons 200K – A wonderful remedy for healing and repairing tendons and ligaments in the body.

For those of you who have a tendency for recurring sprained ankles, a remedy to consider is Strontium. Dosing regimen is dependent on the individual and it would be advised to seek recommendations from your Naturopathic Doctor.

Although I am walking fine now I will not be engaging in any vigorous activities for a few weeks. It is important to allow the body to heal in its entirety to prevent re-injury. As for the bravado that may take even longer to heal.