Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves

In keeping with our family wellness, we will be reviewing books to help support nurturing health and wellness for families. To kick this off we start with Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves which is a very effective parenting book. The dialogues are rich, fun and instructive, and Naomi Aldort’s explanation of how we can question our thoughts in order to gain a deeper understanding of our true nature are very valuable. This book gives the tools of personal growth in useful five-step approach that is eminently doable. Each step is illustrated with story after story about parents who discover, or rediscover, the power of love as they replace controlling parenting techniques with gentle nurturing.

If you are interested in learning a way of parenting that is rooted in trust and respect, that moves beyond the painful beliefs about parenting stuck in frustration, anger and regret, this book is for you.