Pediatric Acupuncture: Kids Love It!

Did you know that pediatric acupuncture is NOT the same as adult acupuncture?  A pediatric acupuncturist is trained in techniques that make acupuncture virtually painless for babies and kids. This includes desensitizing the acupuncture point, using the thinnest needles, and the fact the needles are not left in but rather retained for just a few seconds.  Honestly, most kids just love it!

For those that still don’t like needles or who are a bit shy to try it, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners are trained in a variety of non-needling acupuncture and Chinese Medicine modalities for children. This includes Tuning Fork Acupressure and Manual Acupressure, Traditional Chinese Infant/ Pediatric Massage (Xiao Er Tui Na), Japanese Magnetic Therapy, Ear Seeds, Traditional Chinese Food Cures, Dietary/ Supplements Advice, Qi Gong/ Exercise Recommendations, Lifestyle Advice, and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Matthew Norick, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and pediatric acupuncturist, believes in offering effective accessible Traditional Chinese Medicine for the whole family.  That is why he offers children’s treatments/consultations at just $35.00/ visit.  Matthew offers free Traditional Chinese Infant/ Pediatric Massage (Xiao Er Tui Na) group sessions at the Regina Early Years Family Centre open to the public. He also founded Regina Community Acupuncture, which is also family focused and allows families to receive affordable acupuncture treatments all together in the same space!

For more information about pediatric acupuncture and a list of conditions that can be treated please see:

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