Optimizing Health & Well Being

Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves

In keeping with our family wellness, we will be reviewing books to help support nurturing health and wellness for families. To kick this off we start with Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves which is a very effective parenting book. The dialogues are rich, fun and instructive, and Naomi Aldort’s explanation of how we can question

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Chickpea/Garbonzo bean Burgers

These come from the authors of one of our favourite cookbooks Nourishing Meals (available at the Head to Heal Dispensary). They are super fast and tasty. A delectable combination when trying to eat well on those full days! Yield: 6 pattiesPrep time: 15 minutes Ingredients: 3 to 4 green onions or 1 leek chopped 2

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Primal Almond Butter Brownies

These are delicious and easy to make. That is the kind of combination that beckons one to get out their measuring cup and start baking! This recipe was gifted to us from one of our dear patients – thanks J.R.! Yield: 9 to 12 browniesPrep time: 10 minutes Ingredients: 1 cup almond butter 3/4 cup

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Spring Detoxing – Join us for a 3 week detox this spring!

As we spring around the corner towards vernal equinox, the trees and flowers will begin blooming (unless you live in Victoria where they have begun last month), and with that our spirits will be lifted and gardens will begin to be pondered for their nutritious veggies. In anticipation of the light and lively spring, we

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Homeopathic Corner

Each quaterly of Head to Heal with Naturopathic Medicine., we will examine a specific condition and the homeopathic remedies that accompany that condition. If you have a condition where you are curious of homeopathic remedy options, please email us and we will try to include that in our upcoming newsletters. Homeopathy First Aid Kit with

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Open House – May 14, 2014

Naturopathic Medicine Week is an annual celebration of the power of naturopathic medicine. Drs. Jonathan Bablad and Vanessa DiCicco invite you to their Open House to come and ask questions about naturopathic medicine on Wednesday May 14, 2014 from 5:30 to 7:00. Refreshments and healthy edibles will be on hand. Please drop by 2310 College

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Naturopathic Medicine: An Approach to Better Health Course

Naturopathic medicine course taught by Dr. Vanessa DiCicco and Dr. Jonathan Bablad through the University of Regina. Naturopathic Medicine strives to restore balance to the body by stimulating its innate capacity to heal and focuses on the ‘why’ of a condition versus the ‘what’. Through this course get a practical overview of human physiology in

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The beat on wheat!

Read more from our newsletter: download newsletter Wheat Belly is a New York Times Bestseller that I finished reading on my flight to Regina. As a side bar, I am so happy that as of this May I will be moving back to Regina and read books in the comfort of my own home, rather

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Gratitude for my patients patience!

Read more from our newsletter: download newsletter My family and I have made the decision to move back to Regina after our brief time moving to Montreal. I want to express thanks and acknowledge all of my amazing patients, who have shown me such kindness and patience, by continuing to see me throughout these months

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