Mindful technology

Supporting our Circadian rhythms by softening our glowing screens

Given that we are not getting away from our technological devices anytime soon, it seems useful to eek out ways to enable us to live harmoniously with these devices that we find irresistible in our lives. One site that supports passive, ambient and non-invasive technology comes from a website www.Justgetflux.com – the intention is that, once downloaded for free, Flux matches the light from the computer display to the time of day – so that the screen is warmer at night, and brighter during the daytime to match the sunlight. Our body’s circadian rhythms are sensitive to the blue glowing light from screens, Flux removes most of the stimulating light coming from our glowing screens to support an easier time with our sleep and wake cycles. Once downloaded you do not need to do anything else – it does the work – pure genius!