Loose weight, balance blood sugars and please DO NOT COUNT CALORIES

I have just finished reading an excellent new book by nephrologist Dr. Jason Fung called The Obesity Code, and although the title of this book is certainly cringe worthy when the reality is that managing insulin is important for people whom may not identify as being “obese”, regardless this book is a pithy, clearly written summary and integration of the complex factors that interact to cause people to gain weight and notably why we regain weight after weight loss.

Dr. Fung makes it clear that the calories in/calories out model of weight management has proved to be a colossal failure, and explains why, covering the nuanced realities of hormones, fasting, carbohydrates, fats, sugars and sleep and the roles each plays in your health. Fung goes into the mechanics of obesity and how the body operates. And he answers the questions of what to do when everything else has failed, and why it has failed. Fung goes through the research and shows that muscle loss and metabolism problems happen only when you eat a low-calorie diet (which still stimulates insulin), this does not happen with a no-calorie diet.

His information focuses on increasing metabolism by limiting eating 3 square meals a day, no snacking; following a limited refined carbohydrate/sugar regimen & high health fat diet (LCHF diet); skipping breakfast occasionally, intermittent fasting (when appropriate); and ending each evening with 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar to regulate insulin. The book discusses occasionally doing 24-hour and 36-hour fasting to enable to body to breakdown fat stores and see weight loss occur and remain off. For diabetics and people with high blood pressure this book really is a must read as many patients have successfully dropped their prescription medications done or entirely by following his program.

Apart from the title, another criticism of this book, is that Dr. Fung recommends curbing one’s appetite using coffee – and frankly that is absurd! Black caffeine elevates cortisol, and his book he illustrates how chronically elevated cortisol creates insulin resistance which negates weight loss – so why would anyone want to drink black caffeine to negate all the other good work the book is recommending. Should you endeavor to try his recommendations please do not embrace that particular recommendation.

Overall the book is a sensible, well researched, very well-reasoned read. Fung’s program, called Intensive Dietary Management and he has a useful blog worthwhile for your perusal at https://intensivedietarymanagement.com. His book is a perfect companion to his blog, and it is available at the Head to Heal Wholistic Dispensary.

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