Living Fertile, Spirit Babies

I am very grateful that a large part of my naturopathic practice focuses on fertility. It is a privilege to work with women and men on their journey to conceive and expand their families. It is inspiring to witness the changes that patients will make to welcome in a new life and in the process improve their on well being.

spirit babies

One of Naturopathic medicine’s principle tenet is to seek the root cause of imbalances. This guiding principle places Naturopathic Doctors in a unique position to work with fertility patients as we are trained to look for what is missing. Unexplained infertility simply means that no one has yet found the cause of the individual’s fertility struggles. It is important to seek the cause by doing a thorough work up, a full thyroid panel (not just TSH dig deeper), ruling in or out endometriosis, PCOS, low progesterone, luteal phase defect, whether there are issues with egg quality, and a very common one in my naturopathic practice, the stress hormone balance for the individual.

Some fertility patients work with me after they have experienced losses and other fertility patients have been working for a very long time and have not yet conceived. This is a challenging place to be in that unsatisfying waiting game. I was pleased to read a book that can provide some insight.

Spirit Babies, is a book that offers a metaphysical viewpoint of conception. It is written by a now deceased medium Walter Makichen, Spirit Babies How communicating with the Child you’re meant to Have, was his life’s work. The first pages give you an understanding on how the author opened his talent. Then he tells stories of couples and mothers, who came for a reading with him due to different reasons. Some could not get pregnant, some had fear of birth, some wanted to communicate with a baby in the womb, some had miscarriages. Whatever the reason was, they all had explanation from a spirit baby realm. This book inspires and leaves the reader with a very happy feeling. A recommended read to all those who are on their conceivable journey.

Dr. Vanessa DiCicco, ND