Less pain, increased mobility, make life sweeter and easier with Grace Howlett

Starting in November there will be a new face joining the talented folks at Head to Heal Family Wellness. Grace Howlett, who has been working with clients since 2004, is thrilled to be sharing with the community on 13th Avenue.

Multi-faceted and experienced, she brings a wealth of expertise to aid her clients on their healing journey. Grace recently closed her very busy practice in Swan River Manitoba to focus on helping people in the Regina area, which is her home town.

Some of the offerings she has are CranioSacral Therapy, Reflexology and Hypnotherapy. Grace is very intuitive and compassionate to her client’s needs, always seeking to help them move into living their lives in the ways they are wanting be it with less pain, increased mobility or just with a clarity of mind to make the way sweeter and easier. Booking is available through www.reginanaturopathicdoctor.com or through Grace’s website www.touchedbygrace.com.