Lab Testing

Laboratory testing is an important tool in providing a comprehensive assessment and feedback on your progress with respect to your health. We offer comprehensive testing and work with some of the leading laboratories in Canada. Most of the tests offered through Head to Heal Wellness are often covered through private medical insurance companies. In many cases this testing represents some of the most sophisticated and up to date testing available for the assessment of disease risk, environmental exposure, nutritional status and food sensitivities.

IgG food sensitivity blood spot testing

Using a finger prick, blood sample, IgG sensitivity testing will evaluate immune reactions to over 96 commonly consumed foods. This test is highly valuable to individuals who have been experiencing long-term immune disregulation or chronic digestive disturbances. Candida antibody testing can be added to this test.

Screening tests

Screening tests can include everything from cholesterol and thyroid panels to vitamin D, B12 and iron status. Having the ability to access this testing is important in providing specific, evidence based treatments.

Urine Testing

Urine analysis provides additional important insight into the health of the body systems as a basic screening tool.

Testing that is offered through urine analysis includes:

  • Basic kidney/metabolic function
  • Assessment for urinary tract infections
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Environmental exposure testing
  • Thyroid function testing

Thyroid function testing can be complicated and difficult to understand. Along with your symptom picture and paying close attention to changes in your thyroid panel an understanding, assessment and treatment plan is based.

Estrogen Metabolism Ratio

The Estrogen metabolism Ratio looks at how estrogens are broken down by the body. Two of the metabolites of estrogen, 16-alpha-hydroxyestrone (16OHE1) and 2-hydroxyestrone (2OHE1) are required in proper ratios to prevent conditions of estrogen dominance such as breast cancer and PCOS.

Salivary Hormone Testing

Salivary hormone testing enables a non-invasive way to explore imbalance behind chronic stress, fatigue, mood swings, hot flashes, decreased libido, and fertility difficulties.

Hormones must pass through saliva gland tissue to get into saliva, which means that a saliva hormone level measures delivery of hormone to tissue (cells) from the various reservoirs in the blood. In contrast, a blood hormone level reflects hormone that has not yet been delivered to tissue. Because saliva reflects what actually gets into tissue instead of what might eventually go into tissue, it is an excellent reflection of a tissue’s available hormone level.

Testing that is offered through salivary hormone testing includes:

  • Adrenal Health Assessment
  • Female hormone assessment
  • Male hormone assessment
  • Hair Element Testing

The quantitative measurement of elements in biological samples such as blood, urine, and hair has been used clinically for decades. Historically, elemental analysis has been used primarily to determine whether a person has had excessive exposure to toxic elements such as lead, mercury or arsenic: the heavy metals that are known to cause serious health problems.

Toxic elements concentrate in soft tissue rather than blood or urine, so hair analysis is uniquely suited for measuring toxic elements.

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