Is Your Body a Toxic Waste Container?

Do you relate to any of the following symtoms:

Indigestion  –  Abdominal Bloating  –  Excess Belching or Burping  –  Heartburn  –  Constipation  –  Diarrhea  –  Dark Circles Under Eyes  –  Bad Breath  –  Excess Body Odor  –  Constant Gas & Bloating  –  Yeast Infections/Candida  –  Overweight  –  Food Cravings  –  Migraine Headaches  –  Allergies  –  Hives & Rashes  –  Irritability  –  Fatigue

If you relate to any of the above issues, a cleanse may do you good.

Why You Need To Clean Up

Think about what your house would look like if you never did any housekeeping or never removed garbage for 20, 30, 40 or more years. It would smell, it would start deteriorating and falling apart, and the creepy crawlers and bugs would be everywhere.

Now think about your body. You keep putting all sorts of things down your throat as if it was a garburetor. Then you expect all the garbage to come out the other end, and you’re done. That’s not the way it works. What happens once we throw food down our hatch is going to be different for different people. The state of your internal environment will determine what happens once we swallow our food.

If our digestive system is not working properly, it will allow all sorts of parasites, yeast, bacteria, toxic metals, and other little beasties to set up camp in our bodies and start the party. But that’s not all, it will also allow toxins from our bowels to pass into our bodies where they roam around causing inflammation, dis-eases, and all sorts of unwanted symptoms.

If the Liver is over worked and falling behind in its housekeeping, all the toxins it tries to eliminate gets sent right back into your system. The Liver doesn’t just have regular body toxins to deal with, it also needs to deal with the toxic wastes and poop created by all the bacteria, yeasts, parasites, and beasties. Yes, these little creatures will eat and poop – in your body. We all have them, some are big and some are microscopic. Think about your own body cells. Imagine them drowning in their own waste.

How Do You Clean Up?

Before you decide to go out and find a cleanse to do, you need to find out what condition your body systems are in, how toxic you are, and what toxins you need to remove. There is no one size fits all cleanse. Plus, cleansing the body organs needs to be done in a specific order or you will make yourself sick by creating a toxin overload which your body can’t eliminate. This leads to a waste of effort, time, and money because you are just reabsorbing your toxins.

The first step I do with my clients is to find out what is going on in their body. Then I create a plan specifically for their situation. The type of cleanse will depend on their personal needs. Some clients have a simple cleanse need and some have the need to do a colon, liver, heavy metal, parasite, candida, and/or stomach bacteria cleanse. Whatever the need, I always begin by preparing the body for cleansing to help minimise symptoms associated with cleansing.

A cleanse should always be done under the supervision of a professional.

Cleansing the body of toxins is a great start to improving your health & wellness and is a great way to kick start your weight loss program.

The best thing about doing a cleanse is how great you feel after you’re done.

Marlisa Sucher, RHN