In Dry Autumn Take Care of Your Lungs with Yummy Foods

In Traditional Chinese Medicine each season has its own climatic influence which predominates.  The climate of Autumn is dryness and the organs of Autumn are the Lungs and Intestines. If we can harmonize ourselves with this climatic change then we will maintain harmony through the season. There are many different modalities in Traditional Chinese Medicine which help us achieve this but none is more delicious than using some food therapy.

Root Veggies – are a local favorite and help out bodies store up a variety of nutrients and nourishing Yin energy for the fall and winter.

Asian Pears – are sweet and slightly sour and help produce fluids and lubricate dryness. This seasonal favorite is very nice on a sore scratchy throat from gritty air caused by Saskatchewan harvest time.

Black Mission Figs – consumed daily in the fall is the Chinese food cure for itchy dry skin caused in the Winter. Eat up now!

Persimmons – are called nature’s candy for a reason! These sweet orange coloured fruits are also good at treating dry cough and other conditions of the mouth, throat, Lungs, and Intestines.

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By: Matthew Norick

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