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Each quaterly of Head to Heal with Naturopathic Medicine., we will examine a specific condition and the homeopathic remedies that accompany that condition. If you have a condition where you are curious of homeopathic remedy options, please email us and we will try to include that in our upcoming newsletters.

Homeopathy First Aid Kit with Homeopathic Remedies for Tonsillitis

Our tonsils act like watchdogs for our immune system as they are made up of lymphoid tissue, a tissue made up of protective cells that help our body fight viruses’, bacteria and other microorganisms. Tonsils are located on either side of our throat.

Enlarged, or inflammed tonsils, called tonsillitis, can be menacing. One of the major symptoms that accompanies tonsillitis is pain upon swallowing or yawning. The most common fear of tonsillitis is the fear of strep throat. This infection, if left untreated, can affect vital organs of the body. Infected tonsils can infect other areas of the body such as sinuses, ears or lungs.

Naturopathic medicine includes homeopathic medicine to help support the bodies healing. With tonsils it is best to keep them healthy to prevent the body from being prone to infections. The remedies used to treat tonsillitis are Angiplex, Baryta Carb. Belladonna, Mercurius.

Angiplex – a complex homeopathic formula that encompasses many remedy picture in one

Baryta Carb – for recurring tonsillitis, where the patient has pain upon swallowing

Belladonna – used when tonsills are red and inflamed

Mercurius – used when there is suppration of the tonsils, bad breath, aka halitosis, often is present with individulas needing this remedy

If tonsillitis is recurring it would be best to consult your Naturopathic medicine for a proper intake of your symptoms. These remedies are suggestions for acute case of tonsillitis and are available at the Head to Heal dispensary at 2310 College Avenue.