Homeopathic Corner: Sinusitis

In keeping with the theme of allergies for this summer newsletter we focus this homeopathic corner on relieving sinus congestion resulting from allergies, a condition also known as sinusitis.

Neti pots (sinus rinses) can be helpful at reducing the pressure but for some are only helpful while they are actively doing the rinse. Homeopathics can be a helpful in decreasing the pressure when a Neti pot is not on hand. We have received praise from our patient D. H. for a homeopathic combination that she has used with much relief. The winning combination for D. H. is that of Thuja CMK, Chromium Acidum 6 CH and Arnica CMK.

As always, it is important to address the individual’s symptoms, to determine the ideal homeopathics to use – an ND with a special interest in homeopathy can be very helpful in establishing those remedies.

If you have an interest in homeopathic treatment of a specific health condition please email us at naturopath@headtoheal.net and in the subject heading please state Re: Homeopathic Corner.

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