Homeopathic Corner – Morning Sickness

morning sickness

This newsletter’s homeopathic question comes from patient E.M. – she asks which remedy will help with the constant nausea that she has been experiencing since her 6th week of pregnancy. For mums-to-be homeopathics can be a great support to curbing symptoms. Specifically for morning sickness since so many things can trigger nausea. Homeopathic pellets are usually very well tolerated and if you get the right remedy symptoms abate quickly. Some of the key remedies for morning sickness have the following remedy pictures:

  • Sepia in either a 30K or 200K – this is used for a woman who experiences nausea from the smell and eating does not improve her nausea
  • Cocculus Indica in either a 30K or 200K – this is for a pregnant woman who feels worse with any motion (even pages flipping or their computer screen scrolling)
  • Nux Vomica in either a 30K or 200K – anger, quick temper accompany feelings of nausea

These remedies are available at our Wholistic Dispensary. A number of our remedies are not kept up front but feel free to either call in or drop in and ask for them. We would be happy to help out!