Homeopathic Corner: Mending Broken Bones

Our Homeopathic Corner comes from requests from our patients about which homeopathic remedies they would like to learn about. Send your requests our way to naturopath@headtoheal.net before the next newsletter and hopefully your curiousity will be chosen to be answered.

This month D.F. wanted to know which homeopathics would help speed the healing of her broken bone. Homeopathic remedies are a great ally to nourish, build and maintain strong healthy and vital flexible bones. When a bone is broken symphytum (homeopathically diluted comfrey aka boneknit) is a the ally of choice. Symphytum in conjunction with nourishing foods (such as bone broth from last month’s newsletter), and infusions of nettle is a great way to speed the bones back to recovery. The one caveat with taking Symphytum is to be certain that your bone has set properly, for this remedy will inspire the bone to knit itself back together like none other. Patients with previously broken bones who have used symphytum, have a remarkable recovery time and universally report the same feeling “My bones feel stronger now than before I broke it!” This is no doubt another gem for your homeopathic first aid kit!