Homeopathic Corner –  Homeopathy for Sore Throats

For this autumnal newsletter our patients asked us which homeopathic remedies work best to heal a sore throat?

It can be a bit tricky deciding on the right remedy from your home homeopathic kit. You should know that if you are having trouble differentiating between remedies, it is fine to use 2 or even 3 homeopathic remedies at a time. Remember, homeopathy is about resonance. Every disease state has a vibratory pattern (like everything else) and each homeopathic remedy (thanks to the dilution process) has a unique vibratory pattern. If the disease state resonates with the vibrational state of the remedy, an immune response is stimulated from the body. Likewise, using the wrong remedy for a few days will not illicit a response from the body. Also remember that it is common for an illness to require remedy changes throughout its course. For example, a flu may start off needing Gelsemium for 2 days, and then switches to needing Bryonia to finish it off. What can we expect from homoepathy? If caught right at its onset, sometime an illness can be averted. Otherwise, homeopathy will aid the body’s immune system to clear the infection efficiently, avoiding further complications.

Pharyngitis (Sore Throat)

When our healthy micro-flora in the upper respiratory system becomes imbalanced due to dietary factors, antibiotic use, stress and external pathogens etc., infection can result, leading to a sore throat. The type and severity of throat symptoms will depend on which organism has run amok. Viral sore throats are usually less severe than bacterial infections.

Aconite – Aconite likes to come suddenly. One moment your fine, the next somethings a little off and then WHAMO! – you are sick. This remedy is known for it’s use primarily in the first 24 hours of illness. Dryness of the throat. Hot or burning sensation. There can be a constricted feeling. A high fever can be present. The skin is hot and dry and there is high thirst. Cough can accompany a sore throat and will be dryAnxiety or restlessness is experienced. A major trigger to the aconite state is exposure to (and being unprepared for) a change of weather. A cold, dry wind. Sleeping in the sun, or a change of seasons. Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us about the Wind Gates. The nape of the neck and small of the back (around our kidneys) can be vulnerable to climatic stresses. Love your scarves and avoid crop tops at this time of year! Lastly, it is important to mention that stress in the form of a fright or a shock can also trigger an aconite state.

Belladonna – The keyword of Belledonna is inflammation. In the case of a sore throat it will be hot and throbbing. The throat and tongue will be bright red. The tongue can be swollen and strawberry-like. Usually the symptoms are worse on the right side of the throat. It will be painful to swallow and a sensation of a lump in the throat. A high fever can be present and belledonna is especially indicated  As far as disposition goes, the person is usually averse to touch and loud noise.

Phytolacca – The main theme of this remedy is lymphatic blockages – here you will always find there will be swollen lymphnodes. There is a sensation of a lump in the throat. Pain at the root of the tongue which travels to the ear when swallowing. Tonsills can look swollen, especially the right one.

Mercurius Solubilus – There is usually a lot of salivation when this remedy is called for. The individual will experience a lot of sweating that alternate with chills and their breath will be quite sickly smelling. There is also a thick dry heavy coat on the tongue. Throat feels raw and burning the person is very thirsty and it is very painful to swallow. Usually the person’s symptoms will feel worse at night.

And although this is the Homeopathic corner, we are still naturopathic doctors writing it, and sooo we cannot leave without also giving a nod to the king of throat remedies in a herbal tincture form – Goldenseal. A very effective accompaniment to these homeopathic remedies – we love St. Francis Goldenseal available at the Wholistic Dispensary and gargling with this several times a day at first sign and all through a sore throat will help get your throat back on track faster, along with these homeopathic remedies.

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