Homeopathic Corner – Have Homeopathy. Will Travel.

Summertime usually means a much needed vacation will finally be realized. For some folks travel is equated with anxiety, and for other travelers, symptoms can arise from the mode of transportation (whether that be motion sickness or jet lag) and yet for others, they can find that their symptoms tend to arrive once they have reached their destination, such as hangovers, Traveler’s Diarrhea and heat exhaustion.

Homeopathics are lightweight, inexpensive and effective remedies to deal with all kinds of traveling woes. A small homeopathic travel kit is a great idea when you are traveling and it can be customized to each traveler’s specific needs. If you are interested in getting a homeopathic kit before you make tracks, please let us know at the Wholistic Dispensary (306.543.4325) beforehand and we will get one ready for you to come and pick up – wait time is usually 2 days and price varies depending on the quantity of remedies.

Anxiety – a perfect remedy for anticipation about travel is Gelsemium 30K. Take at first sign of anxiety and then every few hours while traveling if necessary.


Jet Lag – there is a homeopathic combination called No-Jet-Lag that we carry that people L O V E. It is best to be taken before travel, during and once you arrive so that the journey is smooth and transitions are seamless. It can be used for all types of travel although their marketing would lead one to think it is for flying only. No-Jet-Lag is a complex homeopathic because it consists of 5 remedies, those being: Arnica 30C, Bellis Perennis 30C, Chamomila 30C, Ipecacuanha 30C and Lycopodium 30C.

Motion Sickness – a great one for this is Cocculus 30K. Take one dose before departure (boat, plane or car travel) and then once during journey. It can be used with more frequency too, if needed.

HangoverNux vomica 30K every 30 minutes for 3 doses reassess and love your liver.

Traveler’s Diarrhea – This is for diarrhea that is associated with exhaustion and possibly vomiting, the remedy is top class for travel – Arsenicum Album 30K take every ½ hour reassess after 4 doses if it is doing the trick.

Heat exhaustion – Throbbing headache, weakness, hot, dry skin after direct sun exposure is best treated by Belladonna 30K – every 15 minutes for 4 doses and reassess.

Happy travels!