Holistic Nutrition & Reiki

Holistic Nutrition & Reiki are two alternative wellness therapies that compliment each other perfectly. I am Marlisa Sucher, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Reiki practitioner. I believe that in order to achieve optimal health & wellness, one must address all levels of their being: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Practicing Holistic Nutrition & Reiki allows me to develop specific programs for each unique individual client.

REIKI Reiki means “Universal Life Force”. Reiki is a Japanese technique used for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. I channel this universal life force and transfer it to my clients. I use it to activate the natural healing process of their bodies. Reiki is a safe, gentle and effective complementary therapy, which can benefit most conditions from emotional stress to chronic pain.

Reiki has been known to reduce stress, promote physical & emotional healing, improve mood, reduce pain levels, promote restful sleep, and reduce side effects from anaesthesia, radiation & chemotherapy. I may use Reiki on my clients to help them overcome food addictions during their weight loss program, ease intestinal issues, or overcome fatigue.

holistic nutrition and reki

Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition is an alternative wellness therapy that uses “symptomatology” (the study of symptoms as it relates to nutrition) to uncover nutritional deficiencies, excess toxins, and unbalanced body systems.

I use this unique, fascinating science of symptomatology, to uncover underlying issues that may be playing a role in your health concerns. This tool plus a lifestyle assessment allows me to see if you are deficient in any nutrients, what toxins may be lurking in your body, if your digestive system is functioning optimally, plus many more underlying issues that may be causing you concern.

Armed with all this information, I create a wellness plan designed for your unique needs which will address your health concerns and bring the whole you back into balance (physical, emotional, and spiritual). There is a wellness plan for those who just need a little guidance, and wellness plans for those who need a step by step approach. I enjoy the challenge of working with clients who have all sorts of wellness issues. It was during my own healing journey that I developed a special interest in treating chronic fatigue, digestive issues, and weight management.

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