Hand Reflexology

Our highly tactile hands, like the feet occupy a very large area in the brain’s sensory cortex compared to most other areas of the body. This is the reason that touch therapies get such good responses.

hand reflexology

Hand reflexology is an art!  By applying pressure and palpation to specific points, the whole body can benefit. The aim is to stimulate reflexes and acu-points precisely. Many of these areas respond by increasing localized circulation and nerve impulses, rapidly spreading the electrical activity within the membrane from one reflex to another, transmitting the information to the central nervous system. The central nervous system responds by sending out a response impulse to organs, glands and muscles.

Hand Reflexology has a wonderful effect on the emotions because we affect many levels not only physically but also mentally. Body, Mind and Spirit must be compatible for the body to work in complete harmony. Through touch we are able to contact a person’s inner energies and bring about a relaxation response resulting in a reduction of muscle tension and stress. A calm body and mind is an essential part of physical and mental well-being.

The practice of Hand Reflexology goes back over ninety years. The authority at that time on hands was Dr. William FitzGerald who is now seen as the Grandfather of Reflexology of the hands and feet. His early works were entitled “Zone Therapy”.

Hand and Foot Reflexology provides a holistic approach whereby the patient’s physical, mental and emotional factors are always taken into account.

Reflexology is a method of treating illness by palpation on the reflex point on the hands that corresponds to the presenting problem. Pain relief is often felt quickly. One theory postulated is that endorphins are released and the offending problem seems to be alleviated after two or three treatments. Treatment not only relieves pain but also produces deep relaxation, which helps balance the mind and aids inner healing and harmony. Treatment can also generate an increase in energy levels.

Reflexology, whether on the feet, hands or ears is a natural and non-invasive way of healing and treating imbalances within the body without the use of drugs. My office hours at 2706 13th Avenue are Mondays (10-4), Wednesdays (1-8) and Saturdays (10-4).

Treatments last an hour and cost $50. I am currently offering Foot Reflexology Treatments and at the end of July I will also be certified to offer Hand Reflexology.

Appointments may be booked on-line at www.reginanaturopathicdoctor.com or phone Pat Boyes at 306-531-3901

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