Greetings of the season to all!

Staying in balance is something that everyone is thinking about at this time of year. Balancing the bank account, balancing hours in a day to the tasks at hand, perhaps balancing the needs of family members. Trying to make everything fit into a budget can be challenging with all the generous demands and wants at this time of year. But it’s at this giving time of year, when there is so much to do and only so many days to get it done, that we need to be generous to our inner self and attend to our thoughts.

How often during the Holiday rush do you just stop, and breathe? With all the things to savour and all things to do, life can be just a whirlwind. If we could take just a moment, just a fraction of a minute, and pause… and notice… and perhaps absorb some of that holiday feeling, and really feel alive in the moment I wonder if it would make the season easier and happier. Just taking a few seconds and really looking around at the sights, and the sounds that are in our environment. And here we get to choose what we want to notice, choosing to notice all the beauty and the positivity that we can notice in that moment. Doing so will help put your heart into a harmonic that will help code beneficial outcomes into your endeavours. Stress levels will drop. Your body will become less tense. Your heart will slow down a bit and release some of it’s tightness. Senses will become more alert and you will feel more alive. And because you are alive in the moment and choosing to really notice things that make you feel good about life, the season and other people, you will have a happier day as a result. What a lovely gift to give to yourself. Try it and see!

from Touched By Grace.

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