Get a foothold on Toe Nail Fungus!

Fungal infection of the nails (also known as onychomycosis) has a marvelous tenacity as those who have it will attest to. Thickening, and either yellowing or whitening of the nail beds, often with accompanying pain and inflammation, characterizes nail fungus.

foot fungus

Patients who seek naturopathic help for their nail fungus are seeking alternatives to conventional medical approach, as they are leery of taking oral anti-fungals, which are known to be hard on a person’s liver. There are a multitude of alternative treatments that promise fungus free nails on the market with varying degrees of success but they do not seem to keep it away permanently. And so, it feels a little cheeky making a similar claim, but this following formula really is a slam dunk for clearing fungus once and for all!

This combination of remedies has worked to eliminate the fungus in a two month period with consistent results. The down side is that there are a few items that are required before one gets started with this protocol, but the upside is nail fungus is gone for good! This quartet of nail fungus killers are available at the Head to Heal Wholistic Dispensary and they are:

  1. Physica Phyto Lavage Intrinsic (combination herbal killer)
  2. Physica BioCatalase Lotion (herbal nail repair cream)
  3. Physica Spectralyte (alkalizing mineral formulation)
  4. Physica Lapacho Intrinsic (also herbal killer)

To get the treatment underway, soak the part of your body that has the nail fungus – whether that is the foot or hand – in hot water, soaking for 10 minutes. Dry the skin and then apply then make the paste up from your four ingredients.

In a small bowl mix up a small amount of the BioCatalase Lotion, mix up 15 drops of Phyto Lavage Intrinsic, 3 to 5 drops of Spectralyte and 5 drops of Lapacho Intrinsic – you apply this paste topically right on the site of the fungus. Wrap the area with a baggie for at least a half hour, or longer if possible. This sets up an environment that does not allow nail fungus to survive. Try to do this 4 or more times a week until nail fungus is gone.