Eat Hot Foods for Health

In the Hottest Days of Summer Eat Hot Foods for Health

When you think about the hot days of Summer I bet you picture fresh salads, ice cream, and thirst quenching fruits?

Did you know that warm soups best balance your energy on these hot days?
Hot dishes are actually consumed during the hottest days of summer because these dishes both balance the heat in one’s body as well as nourish the Yang (or warm energy) so that, months later, in the cold of winter we will be warm. Foods that are best consumed during this time are thought to bring us energy and stamina so we can work through the hottest Summer has to offer and remain in good health. These foods are frequently consumed at this time:

summer health foods

Chicken: is a warm food that is thought to strengthen the 5 Organs of the body- Spleen, Liver, Heart, Lungs, and Kidneys

Goat or Eel: is considered a hot food and strongly warms the yang energy of our body, and is very good for strengthening stamina

Ginseng: is a famous warming and strengthening herb which speeds up the metabolism of the body while restoring its energy

To find out how to best harmonize your unique energies with the season consider booking an appointment with Matthew Norick, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

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