Does Your Pain Get Worse As it gets Colder Outside?

In Autumn the temperatures start to decline about 1 C every week. If you find that you become more achy, sore, and your joints are more painful. You likely have a Cold-Type of pain!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the most simple way pain can be diagnosed is to determine if you have Heat- or Cold-Type pain. If cold weather makes your pain worse, the pain is Cold-Type pain. If you have Cold-Type pain there are many things you can do to help the pain. Applying heat at home is one of them- a Magic Bag, hot water bottle, infrared sauna can all help. If you are an adventurist then you can even make a paste from Cayenne Pepper, ginger, or turmeric to apply to the pain spots or you can try to increase foods like this in your diet.

In the clinic you can expect a treatment using acupuncture, infrared heat lamp, moxibustion, and cupping to improve your pain.

Last year the mild Winter caused a steady freezing/ melting pattern which led to a relatively damp Winter. This climate is even worse for those suffering with Cold-Type pain it is called Cold-Damp Type pain!

This year don’t suffer- stay warm and pain free.

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