Croupy Coughs

This homeopathic question comes from patient A.S. whose four-month old had a croupy cough. After our homeopathic recommendations, she was amazed at how quickly her infant’s cough transformed into one that was much less frequent and much less fierce. A well-chosen homeopathic remedy will help shorten the course of illness, decrease the severity of the cough, and make the “cougher” more comfortable. The following remedies are heavy hitters for a variety of coughs. When choosing a remedy, pick the one that best matches the symptoms.

Aconitum napellus – this is a useful remedy at the onset of many types of coughs. It is especially helpful for sudden attacks of croup at the beginning stages. Often arising after the child has been playing outside on a cool windy afternoon. This cough is hard, dry and barking in character and is usually worse before midnight.

Bryonia alba – an excellent cough remedy for a cough that is dry, painful in the chest and made worse from motion. This “cougher” holds their chest when they cough and the cough is worse from eating and drinking. (DDX from Spongia when eating and drinking help the cough)

Drosera – a remedy for violent coughing spells that end in gagging. It is a very well indicated cough for any barking cough, whopping cough (pertussis) and croup. The bark of this cough is the signature of this remedy and often when you hear this cough it is said to sound like a seal barking. Dryness and tickling in the throat trigger this type of cough.

Spongia tosta – this remedy is often used for coughs that are dry and centre around laryngeal symptoms. It is a top remedy for croup. In this remedy the “cougher” feels better leaning forward, and for a cough that is worse at night. This type of cough is also made better from eating and drinking. The spongia cough is said to sound like a saw cutting through wood.

There are homeopathic remedies for all the different types of coughs, each has their own uniqueness that stretch beyond this list. If you or your child are experiencing unique cough symptoms book an acute with your naturopathic doctor (who uses homeopathics) to have an individual assessment.