Best Pet Dog of Regina 2016

Yogi is far too much of a gentleman to try to upstage the long reigning Ruby of Metro Pet for this title – but our RMT, Crystal Schouten, is not, she is a woman! She is encouraging us all to give Yogi the pug, a shot at glory by voting for him for this year’s Dog of Distinction, Prairie Dog’s Best Pet Dog 2016.

Best pet yogi
Art by Gemma Correll

Yogi has the face that would make any poker player quiver behind their flush, he has the smooth grace of a hairy black pillow and a personality that is the most unpugnacious. He has charmed the anxious visitors to the centre into serenity with his mastery of the parasympathetic. Voting for such an auspicious title begins, we think, in late summer through the Prairie Dog website.

In the meantime, Yogi welcomes any and all, that need to stretch their fingers, to stop by and run them through his locks. He is found most days basking and languidly rolling his body towards the sunrays on the floor of the Wholistic Dispensary.

His sage advice to his devoted fans, maximize your summer, enjoy short leisurely walks, always outside of the hottest times of the day, with ample time for long contemplative gazing.