BBQ Healthy Tips

Grilling tips to keep the carcinogens away!

A favourite summer meal for most of us includes Barbequing – either grilling meat or fish at high temperatures, unfortunately the charring of meat/fish causes a chemical reaction to take place and the result is the production of carcinogens (called heterocyclic amines a.k.a. HCAs). Researchers have shown that marinating meats and fish with herbs such as rosemary, thyme, oregano and sage drastically reduces the amount of HCA’s produced.  Extra virgin olive oil applied to foods before they placed on the grill also reduces HCA’s by up to 90%. As does marinating with wine for up to 6 hours.  Here are a few tips along with marinating:

  • Turn meats frequently
  • Cook at lower temperatures – roasting significantly reduces HCAs
  • Prevent flaring this keep HCA down
  • Marinate in olive oil, lemon, and herbs

This summer enjoy your scrumptious fish & meats that a BBQ can procure, just go heavy on the olive oil and herb marinades before things get sizzling.

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